The Corona Lockdown And Me

How are things with you? That’s always everyone’s first question.

Here in Germany, folks are fairly disciplined about wearing masks and social distancing. There don’t seem to be fights between store employees requesting unmasked customers to cover their faces. I was taken aback by the recent video showing a Costco employee requesting a customer to comply with company policy and put on a mask. The customer refused and started screaming. America is a ‘free country’, after all.

Everyone has seen the news about protesters in the US who want an end to corona-related restrictions. There are protests in Germany, too, but they are smaller and much more orderly. No one yells about an equivalent of America’s first and/or second amendment rights.

What’s the difference? Germany is much smaller than the US, there is that. Some Americans may assume that Germans are used to ‘following orders’ – in the negative sense, which I very much dispute.

My sense, however, is that because the level of education is higher in Germany, people are more equipped to think things through rationally. This contention does come with major qualifications, which I won’t go into now.


For me, the corona lockdown has been a good thing. True, my income has gone down because my customers’ business’s have all been affected, but I’ve finally had time for myself.

I’ve finally started things I’ve put off for so long because ‘I’ve had no time’. Like this website relaunch. Like regularly practicing music again. Like just relaxing and clearing my head. I’ve realized how much I let myself get off balance from the claims on my time. The question I ask myself now is, “Can I maintain this clarity and centeredness after demands start piling up again?”