George Floyd: The Difference Three Weeks Makes

May 15th, a little over ten days ago, George Floyd was murdered. The month before, I had been very disturbed about anti-Asian prejudice in the US due to corona. I was glad to see that wasn’t happening in Germany, until it did.

Then came the horrific news about George Floyd. It’s been frustrating watching the massive protests from here because I would rather have been protesting in the US as well.

I don’t have to mention the police brutality against protesters; the videos in the news media tell more than ten million words.

Will George Floyd’s death not have been in vain? Will it be a step in eliminating systemic racism in the US? My answer: nothing can completely eliminate white supremacism, but I hope the past weeks have permanently opened enough (white) people’s eyes. Will it be a step in reducing police violence against Black Americans? My answer: like white supremacism, police brutality against Black Americans is systemic. For many reasons, I am not extremely hopeful. I do hope I’m wrong.